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Pelle Wessman

Remember @servo?

That other new open source browser engine, the one with which Rust was co-created at Mozilla

It’s an independent project nowadays and is also fundraising

July 02, 2024
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Thom :linux: :kde: :systemd:

Well this surely didn't age well.

Makes me wonder about Kling preferring and staying on Twitter.

July 02, 2024
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vanta "hell yeah" black

don't use lol

July 02, 2024
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Against the backdrop of the violent slide of the US and EU to the far right, I invite the dweb proponents and p2p protocol designers who follow me to take a moment and re-read the essay I published in 2020 about about the challenges that your work will very soon face head-on:

July 01, 2024
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Ernie Smith

The irony is not lost on me that the Internet Archive went out of its way to acquire the physical versions of millions of books and loan them out carefully and in a limited way, and is facing a near-extinction-level event over it, while for-profit and VC-backed companies are just stealing people’s content and making up excuses to validate the bad behavior.

June 28, 2024
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if I had a lot more time I think I might write a book on my ideas about "adversarial automation".

The idea that the point of computers is to help the humans do their job faster and easier, and sometimes the computer or the software on it is the enemy in that battle.

June 26, 2024
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Jack Rusher
June 27, 2024
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I made a website. it's called "one million checkboxes dot com". it has one million checkboxes on it.

checking a box checks it for everyone.

that's it. have fun!

June 26, 2024
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Ashley M. Gjøvik, JD

🧵 In 2020, I nearly died from mysterious industrial chemical exposure at my apartment. Later, in 2023, I discovered my employer was dumping toxic waste into the apartment windows from their Skunkworks semiconductor fab next-door. I tipped off the US EPA, who sent their env cops to raid Apple's plant in Aug of 2023. The US EPA finally released the report of their enforcement inspections & sent me a copy on Friday. 💀 ⬇️

June 23, 2024
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For a co-worker.

March 11, 2024
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Joël Franusic

Am I connected to anybody that has experience with file systems on Plan 9?

In particular, I'm studying the designs used by user level file servers in Plan 9 (acme, factotum, plumb, etc) and would love to talk to someone who has opinions about what good "API" design looks like for a Plan 9 file system. For example: "Which file systems do you like?", "Which are worth studying?", "What are some mistakes to avoid?", etc

June 25, 2024