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dr elmyra

I am really loving all the posts. Little gems of hope and positivity. Insight into all the things people care about. (I hadn't considered light pollution!) Keep them coming, folks! Let's imagine our / world together!

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Solarpunk Now!

I'm looking for . Poems that embody a solarpunk ethos, inspire you to think about and , that show our world in a new hopeful light... any length, any format. Share your recs!

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⚡️ Yesterday @oluOnline posted a question about the alignment in aims and speculativity of and .

It sparked off a longer debate about , , , , and , in which @mattwilcox took the position, that humankind will always strive for improvement, we just need to find the least harmful way to do it, while @cferdinandi argued, that increasing power consumption will always be a setback, especially when it’s not improving anything (as in the case with AI).

I couldn’t really agree with myself who was more right. Because of course they are both right in each their respect, aren’t they? And that is kind of the central paradox.

Go read the original post and the thread right here, it’s really interesting and an important debate.


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Stephanie Burgis

Ohhhh this @naomikritzer short story is so heart-expanding and just lovely: clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritz

I felt better for having read it!

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Joachim Boaz

Harry Turtledove (1949-) was born on this day. Bibliography: isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?148

L, Romas Kukalis, 1987; R, David Schleinkofer, 1990

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River J. Hopkins

I am SUPER broke this month, so I'm looking to take on a new client.

My wheelhouse includes , , , , and variations/combinations thereupon. is my special favorite. No Erotica, please.

If you'd like to discuss a quote for your manuscript, email me a query with a short synopsis, the first 1-3 full pages, and your word count: river@riverjhopkins.com

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Lauren McMenemy

Every Friday, I meet a member of the British Fantasy Society and peer deep into their soul (or, at least, a form they filled out). This week it's Jendia Gammon, who you might've seen hanging out at the Nebula Conference last week as she was up for a Nebula Award! (And yes, I know I should've scheduled it for last week instead and I feel stupid.)

This is one for the scientists who like to blend genres...


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William C. Tracy

We're all set up at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC! it's going to be a huge show! Come see us at C-AA-401 near the cosplay stage and get some books and our exclusive Lesbians in Space Tshirt!

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Susan Kaye Quinn 🌱(she/her)

NEW EPISODE! All about Grist's hopeful climate fiction contest from editor Tory Stephens —submit your story now! (Deadline June 24th)


Bright Green Futures — a podcast about stories to build a better world


We're lifting up and stories to build a better world.

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Joachim Boaz

James Tiptree, Jr. + Uttakleiv Beach and hike in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Flipboard Science Desk

"Dyson spheres" were theorized as a way to detect alien life. Scientists say they’ve found potential evidence.

CNN reports on a new effort by researchers to find something that originated in science fiction: flip.it/R5FU4S

For similar stories, follow @space-news-science

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The June Bad Mech article has arrived! The Blackjack got a bum wrap for bum feet. But, that doesn't make it a winner. ( I actually like the Blackjack. I don't pick the subjects folks. )

Read the full article here:

15 hours ago
James S. Aaron

@Tyjos84 I was just thinking about M.A.S.K. the other day and ended up going down a rabbit hole

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I need to get back to watching Exo Squad this weekend.

I'm glad I grew up during a time when Cartoons were packed with this type of Action.

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Derek Powazek 🐐

Oh hi, Panda.

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Stephen Bush

I think the key to understanding why there is so much bad TV on streaming is that good TV is fundamentally a product of the constraints, forced expediencies and incentives created by broadcast. Devoid of those it either becomes endless “have some soma” filler or overlong movies.

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Kindness is as kindness does

For the last 25 years I’ve (obsessively?) tracked our household spending. FWIW, this chart shows what we (wife & myself) have spent monthly on groceries and restaurants since 2010 (earlier data was spotty) thru last month. Up to October 2016 was in MA, since then is CO. Some spikes reflect family events we hosted. Low points are unexplained. We’re neither particularly frugal nor profligate. My only point is, I expected a sharper recent increase than what’s shown. But it’s not there.

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