Jess Mahler

Going through an identity crisis, so god knows what this bio will say next week.

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Lord Guysbert de Fieri

okay, question about Steam here

the new library update made all the games I THOUGHT I had removed from my library reappear, and now they just say "Hide". There seems to be no way to actually remove a game from your library.

Is there? I mean. We're talking free demos here, not games I paid for.

3 hours ago
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Spoopy Mo Martin

If you center Black Jews and Jews of Color in your thinking about Judaism/Jewishness, you can begin to piece together how anti-Judaism and antisemitism led to the creation of White Supremacy, but more importantly, you can begin to piece together an overarching theory of Diasporic studies that includes Jewish history AND the African Diaspora, you see the falseness of distinctions between peoples, which is to say the falseness of borders, and the richness of points of contact.

4 hours ago
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הדסה המרירה

I am absolutely appalled by the number of people who complain that their things is broken in product reviews when it's obvious that their thing just needs lubricating.

"It started creaking when it moves 1/5"
"... y-yes?"

20 hours ago
Jess Mahler

Morning all.

Gonna try repotting my marigolds today. First time repotting /anything/, so fingers crossed.

What are your plans for the day?

13 hours ago
Jess Mahler

Made phone call to pay bill. Got panic attack.

Why is it actually easier to physically go down to the office to pay the bill than use the phone?

I wonder if there's a level of... dysphoria or dissociation or... I don't know the word. But like it fucks with my head to have what I'm hearing not align with what I'm seeing?

Is that a thing?

Except I love talking on the phone w/ friends and family. It's only non-social phone calls I have trouble with.

2 days ago
Jess Mahler

On the one hand, I didn't get any work on my fiction done this week. 😢

On the other hand, I'm 2000 words ahead of my progress goals for 🎉

2 days ago
Jess Mahler
Masto features

It's kind of weird to me that I get a notification after I approve a follow require, but not when I get a follow request.

Is adding a follow request notification possible?

@phildini @Gargron

2 days ago
Jess Mahler

Morning all.

I've been struggling for a while with how I'm going to observe Sukkot. The apartment complex we live in will NOT let me build a sukkah, and given current situation I don't think I can make it to/handle the celebration/sukkah raising my synagogue does.

I think what I'm going to try to do is eat at least one meal a day outside. Start with dinner on the erev and then lunch during the day. If I can manage one, it's a win, if I can manage both, even better.

2 days ago
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MASTODON! The results are in! I finally found some time today to compile something that, while not perfect, gives a general idea of the results and what they mean.


3 days ago