Jess Mahler

Jess has spent several years pulling together a family-of-choice from across the country. The family hopes to settle in the Appalachians where Jess’ heart has been rooted for as long as she can remember.
Health issues keep her from taking a active role in tikkun olam so she writes to spread ideas and explore different ways of living and being.
Jess has 15 years in polyam relationships. As an autistic autodidact, you never know when she’ll pull an odd bit of knowledge out of her back pocket.

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Oh I'm Slime?

Top surgery in two weeks!!
Any advice, folks?

10 hours ago
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a queer's guide to top and bottom culture

It's fake, essentialist and rooted in patriarchy

12 hours ago
Jess Mahler

I've had the domain name that's my-real-name dot com for nearly a decade now, and haven't done anything with it for five years or so. Coming up for renewal and debating if I want to renew it and, like, redirect to my author site or something, or just let it lapse so someone ele can grap it.

It's a relaly uncommon name, so no idea if anyone else will even want it, but... yeah

12 hours ago
Jess Mahler

Morning all.

I am calmer today, but still somewhat *squee* and probably will be for a while.

Also, I don't know how many miles I walked last night, but my legs are telling me it was *TOO MUCH*.

Hazards of walking and talking. Worth it.

How's your weekend going?

12 hours ago
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at a meeting of the open society initiative:

chairperson: "we have been asked to solve the problem of homelessness, but what is homelessness? how do we define it?"

scraggly old man walking with a lantern in the brightly lit committee room: "it's when you don't have a home. home-less-ness"

chairperson: "and for that matter, how do you solve something which cannot be defined?"

scraggly old man: "give people houses"

chairperson: "would someone call security on diogenes"

2 days ago
Jess Mahler

Awesome and a short list of resources for makging your table more inclusive:

2 days ago
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I just had surgical revisions and I'm not as mobile as I'd like to be, which makes it hard to do things I normally do like cook, walk to the store, etc. My girlfriend has two herniated disks in her back and has a hard time doing these things herself. We're also getting evicted in April, so we could use some money to help with getting food that we can eat, public transport costs, etc. If you want to help us:

3 days ago
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UK friends: I know someone there who is early in transition and can no longer keep up with the cost of hormones. Anyone have any cost saving.. Let's say workarounds I can send their way?

Boosts OK

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